Restaurant système d'appel de serveur sans fil bouton d'appel C100 * 5 pcs + montre récepteur S800 * 1 pcs

sino hotel, sistema de ff

Buzzer Jogo

K-302+o1. Gus gus. K-336 k-300plus k-o3-w. Waiter call. Radio 2 way. Electronic wireless call bell system. 300-500m in oepn area. Call bell. Operating voltage: : Smart watch. 


Receptor 433 mhz 220 v. K-999+302. Personal trainer: Relógio pavão. Digital customer press buzzer for service. Relógio mecânico. Black,blue,green,red. Ape9000-ape510. Wireless restaurant buzzer system. F3252l/f3255c/f3255g*10+f3258a*2+f3260a: Wireless bell button. From 00-99. -ape1600;ape560. Html codee. Dark blue. Waiter service calling system. Sistema de microfone sem fio. Wholesale glaxy azul. Hotel room service call system. Ape2300. 

Estudante Mesa De Luz

Contador de restaurantes. Monitor de compra. Sistema de guia turístico sem fio. Fast food delivery. Guest watches: Vibrating alphanumeric paging system. Ic-f33gt ic-f43gt ic-f12 ic-f24 ic-f16 ic-f26. Restaurant calling system. Guest waiter pager call system. Y-650+k-h4-gblack. 

Cortina De Bluetooth

Viciado. Receiver color: Sensitivity: Waiter paging caller system. Battery for button: Restaurant wireless ordering system. With transmitter quantity: Wireless transmitter: Restaurant caller system. Alarme sensor de peças. Wireless repeater: Colchões de cama de hospital. K-ctp200+ctk200. High quality pcRestaurant buzzer systems paging system. Watch pager wireless waiter call system. Material:	: Dc 7.5v. Food counter calling number wireless queue call system. 

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Walter at Sunset (without the robe and smiley face)

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